Smartwork for Retrievers Volume II: Secrets of the Pros PDF

Includes tips on maintaining your dog's performance over his lifetime.


by Evan Graham

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  1. Introduction
  2. Finishing the Transition
  3. Late Transition/Marking
  4. Bird Placement
  5. Advanced Diversions
  6. Land Blinds
  7. Water Blinds
  8. Handler Tips & Attrition
  9. Tips for Testing
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Special Prep for the Field
  12. Maintenance

About the Author

Smartwork for Retrievers Volume II: Secrets of the Pros

Finish your retriever the ways the pros do it.

Covers late transition through advanced, helping you transform your "basically-trained dog" into a "fully-trained dog." It also includes tips on maintaining your dog's performance over his lifetime; field applications to help your dog relate his training to real-life hunting situations, hunt tests, and field trial preparation; and troubleshooting the fully-trained retriever. Everything you always wanted to know about dog training but were afraid to ask!

Reviewed and Endorsed by The Retriever Journal:

... an informative book with a nifty design ... Smartwork is filled with the kind of information you'd expect from a retired professional dog trainer ... laying down a good philosophy that usually gets glossed over in some books, but something that Evan puts first and foremost in his.

Jake Smith
Managing Editor

236 pages

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Marc B.

"A concise, easy to read, informative manual with all the information and illustrations you need at your finger tips. Very user friendly!"

Beth K.

"Easy to read and follow. Explains things in a great way. Would definitely recommend!"

Rufus B.

"Covers everything from start to finish in training plus problems that every trainer runs into. Easy to read and very informative."

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About Smartwork

Smartwork is a system I developed over 30 years and is presented in a multimedia format to provide the premier learning tool for aspiring trainers. The three books, Smartwork for Retrievers Volume I: Basics and TransitionSmartwork Volume II: Secrets of the Pros; and SmartFetch constitute the full system.

However, to allow ease of learning and a fuller understanding of the material, we provide a growing collection of video modules of the system.

Each video module offers the most detailed and graphically illustrated explanation of the steps of development for your retriever available anywhere!

We include all the sequential steps and tips you'll need to do your own training with your dog and develop him or her to the highest level you desire.

In addition, in future video productions we will be presenting even more instruction beyond that which is contained in our books. Handling, marking, practical hunting applications, and competition-based instruction are all proposed for future productions.

The cost of each item has been kept at an affordable level to allow you to expand your library of information at your own pace while giving you the information you need to enjoy the pride of having done it yourself! This will continue to be our commitment to you.

NOTE: Because it is important to me that my system is presented as it is intended to be used, we shoot all our own video and do all our own editing and video production.

No non-dog trainers participated in the production process, and that has allowed each presentation to be geared toward the trainer exclusively. No aspect of our information has been watered down, modified, or omitted because of production concerns.

Every effort has been made to assure that this program is enjoyable to watch while sparing no effort to provide extensively detailed instruction.

--Evan Graham

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